2024 Hafa Adai Golf Classic Tournament Rules

USGA Rules shall govern all plays except as modified by local rules and the Hafa Adai Golf Classic Rules Committee.

  1. Players shall exchange scorecards with the other players within their foursome. No player is allowed to post their own scores.
  2. Tees:
    1. Bayonet and Black Horse
      1. Men 64 yrs. old and under tee off from the White Tees
      2. Men 65 yrs. old  and over and players whose age plus their handicaps equal 85 or more tee off from the Red Tees
      3. Ladies from the Red Tees
  3. Players can bump the ball with the club head within six (6) inches, but no closer to the hole. This is allowed through the green without penalty, except in all of the sand bunkers.
  5. Keep up with the group in front of you. Play ready golf.
  6. Observe the three (3) minute rule when searching for a ball.
  7. When in doubt if a ball is either ‘lost’ or ‘out of bounds’, play a provisional ball to avoid any delay. Inform group members when playing a provisional.
  8. Local Rule Option for a ball that is lost or out of bound:  This is an alternative to the stroke and distance penalty for lost balls or shots hit out of bound.  A player may drop a ball anywhere between where the original ball was believed to come to rest (or went out of bound) and just into the edge of the fairway, but no nearer to the hole. Add a two-stroke penalty and play on.
  9. Scorecards must be completed and signed by the scorekeeper and attested by the players. Any discrepancy or conflict between the players regarding the scorecard should be brought to the Rules Committee for a final decision. Once the scorecard is signed and attested, it becomes final and complete and you have no recourse. Players must turn in their scorecard immediately after completion of play. When in doubt of a specific ruling, play a second ball, record both scores for that hole and bring it to the Rules Committee for resolution.
  10. To expedite posting, scores will be attested by the player/scorer prior to the start of the next hole.  
  11. All ties will be determined in accordance with the USGA rules.
  12. Callaway System will be used in the first round to determine their playing handicap for the tournament for anyone without a valid handicap index.  
  13. This is a “Soft Spike Only” facility. No metal spikes allowed.
  14. Proper dress is considered normal golf attire. No “Tank Tops” or offensive clothing/words/logos/etc. are allowed.
  15. The HAGC By-Laws require that the first-round scores be posted at the BBQ site.
  16. Lateral Relief: Drop within two club lengths of where your ball entered the penalty area and no closer to the hole.  Add one penalty stroke to your score for the hole. 
  17. Back-on-the-Line Relief: Estimate the point where your ball went into the penalty area and drop your ball on the line within one club length in any direction.  Add one penalty stroke to your score on the hole.
  18. If your ball is lost or hit out of bounds.  Proceed under rule # 8 or re-hit from the tee or from the last spot and take a 2-stroke penalty.