Greetings! Hafa Adai (Hi/Hello)!

On behalf of the Hafa Adai Golf ‘Classic’ (HAGC) Board of Directors, and especially our Chamorro Golf Club of Northern California (CGCNC), we thank our wonderful participants at our annual ‘Classic’ tournament conducted June 26-27, 2024, in Monterey County, California. It was a fantastic and memorable event for us. You were a key to our success and we hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we did. We are very grateful and appreciative for the memorable and fond memories we shared. Thank you! Gracias! 

 We commend and congratulate our wonderful Chamorro Golf Club of Northern California (CGCNC) for hosting and conducting an excellent golf tournament, BBQ, and Awards Banquet. Mr. Benny Anderson, President and esteem members, family, friends, and associates of the CGCNC, are commended for their excellent planning and successful conduct of our 41st annual Classic Tournament. A special thank you to our Golf Tournament Director, Mrs. Janet Quenga-Chargualaf and committee members for an awesome island style BBQ and amazing Awards Banquet ceremony. Your exemplary service and performance is in keeping with our great Classic tradition. We are so proud and grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you!  

Final Results and Scores can be viewed here.

Our sister clubs are conducting fundraising tournaments to support Classic events. If your schedule permits, we would love to see you at these events. Please view our tournament link for tournament information below and share with family, friends, and associates. Look for additional fundraising tournaments in the future. 

4th Annual Diego Salas Memorial Golf Tournament September 28, 2024, Sacramento, CA, hosted by HBIGC. 

Si Yu’os Ma’ase’ 

Best regards,
Mariano Roy Cruz Leon-Guerrero