Tournament Rules

1 USGA rules shall govern all plays except as modified by local rules and the Hafa Adai Golf Classic Rules Committee.

2. Players shall exchange score cards with the players within their foursome.

3. The men will tee off from the White Tee Markers.

4. Men, 70 years and older, with VERIFIED Date of Birth, have the option to tee off from the Super Senior Tee Markers.

5. The ladies will tee off from the Red Tee Markers

6. A maximum of 14 clubs will be in the bag. (Make sure you count your clubs!)


8. The use of electronic measuring device such as, range finder, GPS, etc., is permitted.

9. Players are allowed to “BUMP” the ball “BACK”, within six inches, except in all hazards, and no closer to the hole! This is allowed thru the green without penalty.

10. Keep up with the group in front of you, “Play Ready Golf”.

11. Observe the 5-minute rule when searching for a golf ball.

12. When in doubt if a ball is either “lost” or “out of bounds”, play a provisional ball to avoid any delay.

13. be considerate and observe all golf etiquette.

14. Power lines within the course: If the ball strikes the power line, the stroke is cancelled and player must play another ball near the spot where the original ball was hit. There is no penalty.

15. No player is allowed to post his/her scores on the score card.

16. No player is allowed to switch cart assignment: players must remain in the cart assigned by the Tournament officials.

17. In the Event of a Tie: A score card playoff will be accomplished in accordance with USGA rule 33.6 To determine the winner. This procedure will apply to flight winners.

18. All score cards must be completed and signed by the score keeper and attested by another player within the group. Any conflict between the players regarding the score card shall be brought to the attention of the Rules Committee for resolution. Do not sign the score card until the committee has made a final decision. Please know that once the score card is signed and attested, it becomes final and irrevocable. Players MUST turn in their score cards immediately upon completion of play.