HAGC Board

Chairman’s Message

Hafa Adai (Hello/Hi)!

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Members, Mr. Ben Pangelinan and the Hazard Busters Islander Golf Club (HBIGC), welcome and thank you for participating in our Annual ‘Classic’ tournament.

Once again, our Classic brings us together to celebrate fellowship and goodwill, Inafa’maolek. It is a wonderful opportunity for our family, friends and golfers to enjoy a challenging game of fun golf and cultural celebrations. We are forever grateful for our founding members for their organization and vision of our Classic. Our sincere thanks, gratitude, and blessings to Mr. Sy Unpingco, organizational founder 1981, established 1982, and the original club presidents and members.

We are mindful and appreciative of our family and friends who traveled from afar to join us. You make a difference in making our Classic a success and we are most grateful. Thank you for your continued support and participation! We trust that you will have an opportunity for a fun and memorable experience.

Finally, we commend Mr. Ben Pangelinan and the tournament committee for their excellent planning and coordination for a successful 38th Classic. We appreciate their diligent work, time, and effort. We are so appreciative and grateful.

Once again, thank you everyone for your wonderful support and participation in our Classic. We sincerely value your company and friendship. Wishing you much fun, joy, and fond memories.

Si Yu’us Ma’ase’

Roy Leon-Guerrero