Welcome to the 36th Hafa Adai Golf Classic

Raffle Ticket Winners

(1) Round Trip Ticket TO/FROM Guam (SFO or LAX to Guam OR Guam to SFO/LAX):

Winning ticket #49670: Korey Lujan Cruz, Barrigada, Guam

1st Prize Ticket #59487 – Noah Mundo (Please Call Brienda Diaz, (805) 312-1728)

2nd Prize Ticket #74590 – Matt Skipworth, Washington State

3rd Prize Ticket #94081 – Perci Flores, Anaheim, CA

4th Prize Ticket #72324 – Gus Ignacio, Oceanside, CA

5th Prize Ticket #37046 – Joleen Mendiola, Fairfield, CA

6th Prize Ticket #85220 – Trisha Greer, Winchester, CA

7th Prize Ticket #96327 – Bill & Jessica Nangauta, Ramstein, Germany

8th Prize Ticket #45792 – Maria B. Edralin, Vacaville, CA

9th Prize Ticket #49464 – Malaetele S. Tiliaia, Salinas, CA

10th Prize Ticket #96154 – Joe Flores, Mongmong, Guam

Thank you very much yan UN GOF DANKLOLO NA SI YU’OS MA’ASE’!

On behalf of the 36th Anniversary of the Hafa Adai Golf Classic (HAGC) & Chamorro Golf Club of Northern California (CGCNC), Board of Directors and Members, we sincerely appreciate your outstanding support for making this a memorable and successful event!

If you are one of the Winning Raffle Ticket Holder, please contact Brienda M. Diaz, CGCNC Raffle Ticket Chairperson at email: ebdiaz671@gmail.com or cell: (805) 312-1728 to provide your information and claim your respective winning raffle prize.

In addition, please do not hesitate to contact Janet M. Quenga-Chargualaf, President CGCNC, at:
email. jquenga@aol.com or cell: (831) 601-4414 for additional information or inquiries you may have regarding the 36th Hafa Adai Golf Classic, Chamorro Golf Club of Northern California (CGCNC) event.


President, CGCNC

HAGC CGCNC President's Pic

Buenas yan Hafa Adai and Welcome to the 2017 36th Annual Hafa Adai Golf Classic!

On behalf of the Chamorro Golf Club of Northern California (CGCNC) Board of Directors, its members, and the Board of Directors of the Hafa Adai Golf Classic (HAGC), we are pleased to take this opportunity to welcome all golfers, families & friends, especially those traveling from afar, Guam, Saipan, Rota, (Mariana Islands), the continental United States (California, North Carolina, Colorado, Washington, Maryland, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Las Vegas, Alaska, Hawaii, and overseas (Okinawa, Germany, Korea), etc. to join us in celebrating the 2017 36th Annual Hafa Adai Golf Classic in beautiful Monterey, California!.

The Chamorro Golf Club of Northern California is pleased to announce the 2017 36th Annual Hafa Adai Golf Classic scheduled on 28-29 June 2017. We will be playing on two of the most challenging Golf Courses in California, Bayonet & Blackhorse courses in Monterey, CA. “Home of the PGA Qualifying Golf Courses” located at 1 McClure Way, Seaside, Monterey CA 93955 (formerly Ft. Ord).
Directions to courses

The HAGC BBQ is scheduled after the first day “round of golf” on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. The BBQ and Banquet will be held at General Stilwell Community Center, (formerly NCO Club at Ford Ord) 4260 GIGLING RD, Seaside CA.
Directions to General Stilwell Community Center

We welcome back, our dedicated golf participants, and extend our heartfelt regards to those who are joining us for the first time. We extend our sincere appreciation to all the Chamorro Golf Organizations, golfers, families and friends for their sincere commitment and support to the Hafa Adai Golf Classic. Your participation and enthusiastic support and encouragement make our annual HAGC a success and a memorable event every year!

The HAGC brings Chamorro communities, and other cultures, together to promote our traditional heritage of commitment, camaraderie, reaffirming old friendships, re-uniting relatives, making new enduring friends, good sportsmanship & fellowship during our golf competitions & gatherings. It symbolizes the strength and beliefs of our unique Chamorro Heritage emphasizing our traditions, goodwill and hospitality. The 2017, 36th Annual HAGC information is posted on the website:

Once you have submitted your Tournament Entry Application, Liability, Handicap Declaration forms & menu selection(s), please continue to view all the events, i.e., golf courses, directions, accommodations, practice rounds, BBQ & Banquet, transportation, beautiful Monterey sites, etc., to assist with your vacation planning and your participation to this year’s annual HAGC event. We hope and pray that your visit here in the Monterey Peninsula will be pleasant and enjoyable trip. Please do not hesitate to call our HAGC-CGCNC Point of Contacts to assist in providing you with our assistance and support. Please go into the HAGC website to find all the detailed information regarding the 36th Annual HAGC Tournament, on the website, as indicated above.

We sincerely thank you, “Un Gof Dongkolo na Si Yu’us Ma’ase” for providing us with your endless support, and for sharing our memorable and successful upcoming 36th Annual HAGC Website links are provided for your immediate information. Our HAGC Tournament Contacts, provided below, are immediately available to provide you with information or may have any questions as follows:


CGCNC President Janet Quenga-Chargualaf 831-601-4414 jquenga@aol.com

Vice President Jerry G. Guevara 408-204-6872 jggsolo32@gmail.com

Tournament Director Joseph C Sasamoto 408-250-5855 jsasamoto2@gmail.com

Asst. Tournament Director Evelyn C. Sasamoto 408-529-1503 evelynsasamoto@yahoo.com

Secretary and Handicap Chairperson Diana Sasamoto 408-464-5414 Dianasasamoto@gmail.com