The 39th Annual Hafa Adai Golf Classic is now OPEN to the public!!!  EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO PASS THE WORD!!!! Register NOW!!

Important Note:  We have received lots of applications that are not posted on our active player list, due to our Bank not clearing personal checks.  An applicant’s name will not be placed on the “Active Player” list until the personal or club checks used in payment are “cleared” by our Bank.  If you are not on the active player list and you have sent in your application – please be patient and check at the next active player list update.  

Checks returned due to Insufficient Funds:  Applications that fall in this category will result in the applicant being placed on the Standby list, and an email will be sent to the applicant to address the problem.  Once payment is received, the applicant will be moved to the active player list, assuming the list is not already filled with paid players. In this instance, the date the applicant is moved to the standby list will be that applicant’s position for consideration to be moved to the active player list.  

Our club will announce the closing for the receipt of applications when we achieve 100% player count.  Since we are passed the date (January 13, 2020) that all allotted priority treatment allowances were made, we fully expect that “open” registration will cause an increase of applications and that we will achieve our goal in the next few weeks.  If you have not sent in your application, please do so immediately.  Please remember, you must “pay” to “play”. Calling or emailing in a request to “Hold a spot” (your application and check is in the mail) will not be accommodated.   Applications without payment will be held and an effort will be made to contact the applicant.  If there is no response within a reasonable amount of time, the application will be return to sender.  It will be as if you never applied to join the Classic.

Standing By:  We will have a standby list.  Your position on the STANDBY list will be based on the date we receive your application and PAYMENT.  We will continue to accept applications after the close, and those that are unable to make the active player lists will be placed on the standby list.  Every applicant can expect to be notified of their status and on which list they have been placed. Please remember, to move from the Standby list to the Active Player List, can only occur after we receive the “cancellation” of an active player.  

We will deposit all fees received, including those from last minute registrants.  Refunds for those that did not make the active player list will be mailed out by the end of May 2020.  Active players must refer to Update #3 concerning refunds.  

As previously announced, we will have Check-In for both days of the tournament on Monday, April 27th and Tuesday, April 28th between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  All players must check in by Tuesday, April 28thThere will be NO Check-in at the courses.  Only side action collections and recordings will be made at the courses and only on the first day of play (Wednesday, April 29, 2020).  We will announce the closing of the last-minute side action collection on Wednesday morning about 30 minutes before we roll onto the courses.  Location:  SunCoast Hotel and Casino; Conference Room – Fairway 3

(Second Floor – No keys or credentials required)