As a general-rule, Due to the event’s financial obligations, there will be no refunds (of fees received from guaranteed “Active” players) after March 1, 2020.  See Update #6 below for information regarding “Standby” players fee returns.  

General premise:  I believe that we all agree with the fundamental premise that “nothing is free”.  Likewise, everything has to be reserved and procured in advance of your arrival for the event.  Holding venues cost money – we would be unable to secure golf courses or banquet facilities without the ability to place a “holding” non-refundable deposits.  Additionally, there is a “drop dead” date by which “Full payment” is due. This date is currently March 27, 2020. In as much as we would love to treat everyone to a free couple of rounds of golf and free room and board, we all agree it is a financial impossibility.  

What are we asking?  We are asking for your understanding, especially if you are a new participant for the Classic.  Veteran members of the HAGC are fully aware of the financial obligations that the hosting club takes responsibility for to put the Classic on!  

As outlined in SECTION 6.0:  TOURNAMENT PROCEDURES,  Paragraph L., of the HACG SOP,  “Any player who is unable to continue playing due to personal injury/illness or family emergency will be entitled to refund of any unused tournament fee to include side action, guest banquet fee, if pre-paid in advance.”

Refund demands made after March 1, 2020, under the provisions outline under the SOP citation set forth above, (Section 6.0: Tournament Procedures) will be processed and funds returned by check.  Refunds under these circumstances may be delayed but should be mailed to the applicant NLT May 31, 2020.