Hello all!  There were several questions that were posed regarding the impact of the corona virus on our annual golf classic event. Below, please find my attempted rational responses to the questions.  The information below I hope will help you make your own personal decisions regarding travel and participating in our generally closed events during the classic week.   

“Well I’ve finally got my call back from the Hotel concerning some of our questions.  I will endeavor to answer where I can, but please understand, that some of these questions have no “answer” that a lay-person can render nor one that can be answered with any certainty.  First allow me to start by saying that I have spoken to both the Course Representative and the General Manager for the SunCoast Hotel and Casino.

The course has no proactive scenarios in place to address an out-break because …. well…. they are “only a golf course” and other than calling for emergency services, is a place where we come to play and socialize.  In this instance, we have more control than the course.  We could insist on social distancing by our players – but that just doesn’t work well for golf.  The worse of all other options is to flat “cancel” the tournament.  

With respect to the response I received from the General Manager at the Hotel, he assured me that all preventive measures have been put in place to help avoid the spread of the virus, but there is just no guarantee.  They have instituted procedures that requires employees to stay home if they are feeling ill and a stringent requirement that all customer and food service personnel exercise more hygienic practices.   Now allow me to attempt to respond to the questions presented.  Please know that I am not a lawyer or doctor, so any responses that may appear to have been made by a lawyer or physician is purely accidental and not intended.  I offer no legal or medical opinions or options as to the virus or the methods of care one should seek if they get ill.  Here is my unprofessional attempt at responding.  By the way, not liking my responses will not change it!! LOL!  

  1. What do we do if the Suncoast hotel is put under quarantine now or during the Classic?  Is the hotel prepared to house and feed their guests?  And who is liable for the expense?  ATTEMPTED ANSWER: Although this question was not answered directly, the best comparative response is to say “this is not a location that is isolated (like a cruise ship or located in a third world country, like China), and that any sort of quarantine would likely result as it has in the current practices by the United States – which is to get guests to a medical facility for the quarantine period.  Given this practice, except for the cruise ship scenario, where cruise ship guests have paid for “all inclusive” services, entertainment, food and beverages upfront, to my knowledge, there is no established “common practice” for expenses or cost sharing between a hotel and the guest.  
  2. Is Las Vegas prepared should the city get infected with the virus? What hospitals are nearby?  Are they prepared to test and treat the virus?  It is too soon to say if this city is “prepared” to test and treat.  ATTEMPTED ANSWER: According to the news media, those programs are still being deployed by the CDC and the Federal Government.  There are tons of hospitals here and can literally find one on every other major street.  
  3. We have quite a few veterans playing in the Classic.  Is there a VA hospital nearby?  Can we get treated at Nellis AFB?:  ATTEMPTED ANSWER:  With respect to the question of whether or not our vets can get treated at these facilities depends on their eligibility and authorizations.  All VA disabled determined vets have access to the VA Hospital, which is new and appears to be “state of the art”.  Access to Nellis is also limited to Vets that are referred by the VA Hospital or are retired or active duty types.  The best answer should be sought by each Vet to their health care insurance provider.  If they have Tri-Care West or Tri-Care for Life, they should call those agencies for a “best response”.  Of course if our players are on Medicare, medical care services and locations really is not an issue. 
  4. What happens if a number of participants test positive for the virus and are unable to participate in the Classic?  Is GLVGC willing to refund these players?  ATTEMPTED ANSWER:  The hard answer is “No”.  We are passed the refund date. Having said that, we will look at our financial obligations to determine what we have to “give-back” and work with the HAGC Board to see if there can provide financial assistance from the Board.  Please understand that the host club does not have the finances to cover these types of situations. 
  5. Quite a few players are coming from the Seattle area.  They may unknowingly have the virus.  What happens if one of them become ill and we get exposed while in Vegas?  Are we all going to be quarantined? ATTEMPTED ANSWER:  The question of being quarantined is one that can only be answered by medically trained professional personnel.  That’s a bridge that can only be crossed if or should a person be diagnosed with the virus.
  6. Has the GLVGC talked to the golf courses and the Suncoast about possible canceling the event due to the Coronavirus?  What is the absolute drop-dead date that we can cancel and not be liable?  ATTEMPTED ANSWER:  We are beyond our “point of no return” in which our club will lose all deposits made.  And we are now approaching our Banquet headcount report date of March 18th.  After March 18th, we can not guarantee a place at the banquet for applicants that come in after that date.  There is no grace period or post-mark date that will save a seat at the banquet.  An update will be posted to the Website this week.   As for the golf course, they will hold off as long as they can to help us get players – but we must turn in our final count on April 1, 2020.  At that point, we will close registration.

Si Yu’us Ma’asse!  Si. Roland. 

P.S.  The Hotel has deployed “hand sanitizing” dispensers throughout the hotel and casino for use by the staff and patrons.  As a suggestion, please encourage our players and other attendees to include and bring their own individual hand sanitizing agents with them.”