Hafa Adai!

On behalf of the Hafa Adai Golf ‘Classic’ (HAGC) Board of Directors, welcome and thank you for participating in our annual Classic tournament. We congratulate the Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club with the honor of hosting our revered tournament.  President Roland Taitano and the Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club (GHLVGC) members, family, friends, and associates, are commended for their commitment to excellence in planning for a successful Classic tournament. 

Once again, our Classic brings us together to celebrate fellowship, goodwill and ‘Inafa’maolek’. We are fortunate for the opportunity for our family, friends and associates to enjoy a challenging game of golf and cultural celebrations. 

Lest we forget, we pay homage and respect to our founding members for their noble vision of our Classic that continues to this date. We offer our sincere gratitude to the late Mr. Sy Unpingco, organizational founder 1981, and the original club presidents and members. 

Finally, we are most appreciative and thankful for our Classic participants; family, friends, and associates, especially those who made the long journey. You make a difference in making our Classic a success and we are most grateful. Thank you for your continued support and participation! We sincerely value your company, friendship, and the lasting memories.

Si Yu’us Ma’ase’
Roy Leon-Guerrero