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Hafa Adai and welcome to the 39th Annual Hafa Adai Golf Classic and to the magnificent and exciting City of Las Vegas, Nevada!

Our City gives you the opportunities to find, learn and experience new and exciting ways to spend your leisure time; and get an appreciation of its rich and unique history.    As you tour our great City, you will also find that it is filled with luster and bling! Just a few things that make Vegas what it is.

The Classic has always been and will continue to be a reason for not only our friends and families to gather and enjoy each other’s company outside of normal everyday life, but it serves as a beacon of light for all Chamorros to follow, meet, exchange stories of times gone by, renew old friendships and reaffirm family ties.  

This year, we are proud to also show our support for our Chamorro Veterans.  This year, we are asking you (under no obligation) to please, if you can, donate whatever you can afford to the National Organization of Chamorro Veterans in America, via their webpage at  We hope you will join our club in contributing to this non-profit organization, whose mission is to advocate for and protect our veterans’ rights, benefits, and welfare world-wide; but especially those on our island of Guam and the CNMI.  With almost 80% of our attendees being veterans themselves, we would be remised in not recognizing them and showing them our deepest appreciation for their service, not only to this country, but our island, the CNMI and our way of life.  

The Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club of Nevada is excited and proud to host this annual event and we look forward to helping make your trip to our City as pleasant, enjoyable and memorable as possible. 

Your visit to Vegas would not be complete without someone saying:   “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!”  

Si Yu’us Ma’ase; be safe, be competitive and most of all, be generous to our veterans!  

Roland F. Taitano


Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club of Nevada

Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club Welcomes you to Las Vegas!!!!
Guahan Las Vegas Golf Club Welcomes you to Las Vegas!!!!